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Our Organisational Model

(An integral part of the Organisational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 as amended Bottega Verde Srl)


Bottega Verde, the most popular Italian skincare brand

BOTTEGA VERDE S.r.l. has implemented its own Organisational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 as amended, composed of: a General Part, a Specific Part and a Code of Ethics.


The Code of Ethics has been adopted by the Company for the purpose of setting out the corporate ethical principles it recognises as its own. The Code of Ethics therefore contains the ethical standards (and the principles by which they are inspired) that Bottega Verde intends to observe in the course of its activities, over and above observance of the laws and regulations in force.


The Code of Ethics applies to all the people who work for Bottega Verde: employees, directors and contract staff, as well as third parties who have dealings of various kinds with the Company.


The Code of Ethics seeks to set forth the ethical commitments and responsibilities taken on board by those who, in various ways, contribute to achieving the objectives of Bottega Verde vis-à-vis the various stakeholders linked to the Company’s activity.


Everyone who works for and with Bottega Verde must therefore act in compliance with the measures set out in the aforementioned Code of Ethics.

Below is a summary of the guiding principles and contents of the Code of Ethics.


Principles of conduct of the organisation

In carrying out its activities, Bottega Verde undertakes to comply with the following principles:

- Control of working activity

- Rejection of all forms of discrimination

- Integrity

- Prohibition to engage in unethical behaviour

- Observance of laws and regulations

- Appreciation of human resources

- Proper contract conditions

- Processing of information

- Valorization of investment in the Company

- Transparency and completeness of information

- Protection of health, safety and the environment

- Equity of authority

- Protection of personal data

- Protection of competition

Principles of conduct that must be observed

- Professionalism

- Loyalty

- Honesty

- Correctness

- Confidentiality

- Resolution of conflicts of interest


Conduct criteria established

- Relations with employees and contract staff

- Duties of personnel

- Relations with customers

- Relations with suppliers

- Franchising and commercial relations

- Relations with shareholders

- Relations with Public Administrations

- Relations with the community

- Dissemination of information



Lastly, defined within the Code of Ethics are:

- The mechanisms for the application of the Code of Ethics

- Disciplinary procedures deriving from breaches of the Code of Ethics