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  • No mineral oils

  • No Silicones

Pepe rosa - Lip Balm Stick (5 ml) - protective and nourishing

5 ML

€ 12,00

99% naturally derived ingredients

This product flows extremely smoothly and is exceptionally emollient. It emanates the marvellous scent of pink peppercorns as it provides long-lasting protection and softness for lips. Keep it with you at all times for a sweet sensation on the lips with every use.
This light, creamy product is perfect at all times. It can be used on its own or before lipstick to protect and nourish lips, instantly making them softer and smoother!

99% select naturally derived ingredients

How to use it: keep it with you at all times and use it whenever you want to soften your lips.

Generous, enveloping and exhilarating fragrance.

€ 12,00