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BV Krin - Intensive Strengthening Treatment - Cosmetic Treatment to Help Prevent Hair Loss* - with 8 vital plants extracts (30 phials) - Risk of Hair Loss


€ 54,00

*It reduces hair loss due to breakage

It owes its potency to 8 plant-based active ingredients that help to keep the scalp healthy, so that hair does not lose its body and vitality.

The treatment lasts one month and is made up of two steps
- the first step: use the 15 intensive phials enhanced with Retinol and Extracts of Nettle, Cinchona, Chilli Pepper and Soya to stimulate the scalp and strengthen the hair
- second step: use the 15 maintenance phials which contain a special selection of plant extracts, including Achillea, Wheat Germ, Coltsfoot and Milk Thistle to protect and boost the health of hair.

Intensive action treatment

Manteinance action treatment
This BV Krin programme is a 30-day treatment: 15 intensive phials and 15 maintenance phials.

Coltsfoot alleviates and soothes the discomfort of irritation
Achillea is used in cosmetics to tone and stimulate the scalp and hair
Cinchona has toning and astringent properties that purify the scalp, making it a very popular ingredient in hair lotions.
Chilli Pepper stimulates the micro-circulation
Nettle provides vitamins and minerals that help to strengthen the hair and purifies
Soya protects and provides antioxidant properties to the hair and scalp.
Wheat Germ acts to moisturise and protect the entire scalp
Milk Thistle is an antioxidant that strengthens the hair wall

How to use it: Apply the contents of a phial to the scalp of clean, wet hair and rub it in for a few minutes with your fingertips. Dry as normal.


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€ 54,00