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Eye contour cream - protective and moisturizing - with Argan oil and microspheres of Hyaluronic Acid - SPF30 high protection (10 ml) - water resistant

10 ML

Vegan formula

Fluid cream that absorbs instantly, ideal for applying to the delicate eye contour area. Protects from the sun and helps prevent the formation of skin spots and signs of photoaging. Also ideal as a restorative daily treatment, it contains Argan oil and Hyaluronic Acid, for a protective and moisturizing action in the sun and throughout the year!


Protects the eye contour area
Helps keep skin moisturized
Helps prevent sun spots

- Specific protection for the delicate eye contour area
- Ultra-silky texture
- Selected ingredients: Argan oil and microspheres of Hyaluronic Acid

How to use it: apply a small amount of the product to the eye contour area and the eyelids before exposure to the sun. Apply again frequently to maintain protection, especially after sweating, swimming, or drying yourself. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Avoid contact with fabrics. Excessive exposure to the sun poses a serious risk to health. Do not stay out in the sun for too long, even if you are using a sunscreen product.