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SOL Cocco - Aftersun lotion - for a more intense tan - with tan activator and Coconut milk (200 ml) - Rapidly absorbed

200 ML

This product relieves the skin after sun exposure and helps to keep it tanned! Quick and easy to apply, it has a specific formula enriched with Coconut milk and oil that moisturizes the skin and leaves it silky smooth. In addition, the formula contains Carrot and Papaya extract, which not only provides protection from oxidative stress but also helps to preserve and extend tans. The marvellous, comfortable, extremely smooth-flowing and rapidly absorbed texture gives an instant feeling of well-being to the skin after a day in the sun. Meanwhile, the delectable Coconut fragrance means that this exceptional sun lotion is also a real delight for the senses.

Coconut Milk: it helps the skin to preserve its natural moisture levels and contributes silkiness and emollience.
Carrot and Papaya Extract: an antioxidant plant extract that helps to boost and extend tans.
- Innovative formula:it boosts and extends tans
- Ultra-smooth texture that is comfortable and rapidly absorbed

Stunning skin for enhanced beauty

Tan extending
Moisturizing and comfort boosting
Rapidly absorbed

How to use it: after sun exposure, rub the product into cleansed and dried skin on your body until it is fully absorbed.

Coconut, vanilla and floral notes.