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Face cream - Anti-ageing and nourishing - with Argan oil (50 ml) - Normal or dry skin

50 ML

An excellent daily treatment that protects your facial skin and gives it a silky and velvety feel. The non-greasy, rich and nourishing cream offers instant softness and is absorbed straight away, with immediate effects. It contains Argan oil, a precious beauty elixir favoured by Berber women, rich in vitamin E, A and F. Used daily it aids your skin¿s wellbeing, making it increasingly beautiful.

xx% naturally-derived ingredients.

This is a rich and nourishing cream suitable for all skin types. The Argan oil, rich in vitamin E, A and F, protects and nourishes the skin... making it instantly softer and more velvety.

ARGAN OIL: Also known as ¿Desert Gold¿, this beauty secret has been guarded by Berber women for centuries. Rich in vitamin E, A and F, it has wonderful protective, emollient, nourishing and anti-ageing properties.

- Natural ingredients selected for their cosmetic properties.
- Our Argan oil from Morocco has unique, outstanding beauty-enhancing properties for the skin.

How to use it: use your fingertips to apply the cream, moving delicately from the bottom of your face upwards and from the centre outwards.

Vanilla, musky sweet wood floral oriental