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  • No Parabens

  • No mineral oils

  • No Silicones

  • No Formaldehyde Releasers

  • No PEG

  • No colourings

Avena e Prebiotico [Protezione+] - Hand cream - helps enhance skin¿s natural defence - protective, soothing, moisturising - with Oat milk from Tenuta Massaini and Biolin Prebiotic (75 ml) - all skin types

75 ML

96% naturally-derived ingredients

This rich cream with moisturising and nourishing properties helps enhance the natural defence of your hands. Its effective protective action preserves skin¿s microbiota balance, creating a barrier against the external environment (aggressive cleansers, pollutants) and harmful microorganisms. Its quickly absorbed formula and allergen-free fragrance are ideal for particularly dry or red skin. Its select ingredients help maintain skin¿s balance and hydration. They include Allantoin, Shea butter, prized Oat Milk from Tenuta Massaini, which has softening and soothing properties, and Biolin, a prebiotic sugar extracted from Chicory root, which creates a barrier that protects skin¿s microbiota. Provides instant relief and attenuates discomfort in red and stressed skin, leaving hands instantly moisturised, soft and silky with every application.


This rich, moisturising, and nourishing cream helps enhance skin¿s natural defence against the external environment and harmful microorganisms. It exploits the softening and soothing properties of Oat Milk from Tenuta Massaini, and the protective properties of Biolin, a prebiotic sugar extracted from Chicory root, which protects skin¿s microbiota. It provides instant comfort and softness with every application.

- 96% naturally-derived ingredients selected for your beauty
- Oats thrive in our estate. Their prized products, including milk, have moisturising and soothing properties.
- Biolin: this prebiotic extracted from Chicory root defends skin¿s microbiota, creating a protective barrier.

- This cream comes in a plastic tube containing 35% recycled material

How to use it: rub a small amount of cream into your hands whenever you feel the need.

Sweet and delicate floral fragrance.