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Anti-cellulite offer *

The complete treatment for your anti-cellulite routine *

Mar Morto - Body scrub with Dead Sea salts (200 ml) - smoothing and tonifying
An authentic beauty treatment enriched with unrefined Dead Sea salts, with a scrubbing action that helps remove dead skin cells, for a smooth, toned sensation.

Mar Morto - Disposable slimming and anticellulite* bandages - with 30% Dead Sea salts - smoothing and firming

Disposable elastic bandages soaked in saturated saline solution (30% Dead Sea salts) for firmer legs and belly and combating cellulite* blemishes on thighs and buttocks.

Mar Morto - Concentrated anticellulite* mud with Dead Sea Mud, Caffeine and Pronalen (100 ml) - toning
The special shock treatment formula combines three elements selected for their proven efficacy: Dead Sea Mud, Caffeine and Pronalen. Results visible from the first application: the skin appears smoother, silkier and more toned.