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Argille di bellezza - Exfoliating and toning face mask (50 ml) - White Sicilian clay and Rice scrub - all skin types

50 ML

€ 18,00

It combines a scrubbing action with the smoothing and purifying effects of a mask that in just a few minutes refines the texture of the skin and revitalizes and tones it. The mineral-rich white Sicilian clay has a significant absorbent effect. The Rice scrub has an exfoliating action that frees the skin from impurities and dead cells. The relaxing aroma of Bitter orange essential oil produces a fulfilling sense of wellbeing. The creamy texture comforts the skin. The mask instantly boosts the radiance and beauty of the skin, leaving it vibrant, toned and smoothed!It combines the scrubbing action of Rice powder with the smoothing and purifying effects of a Clay mask. The relaxing aroma of Bitter orange essential oil and the creamy texture produce a fulfilling sense of wellbeing every time.

White Sicilian clay: it is packed with minerals and highly absorbent.
Rice Scrub: it has a significant exfoliating action that removes dead cells.
Bitter orange essential oil: it has sweet, fulfilling notes with a relaxing effect.

Texture refining
Evenly toned complexion

WARNING: Avoid the areas around the eyes and the lips.

Use it regularly (a maximum of 1 or 2 times a week), depending on your skin¿s needs. Rub a thin layer of the mask into your skin with circular motions to promote the exfoliating action of the Rice powder. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Bitter orange essential oil.

€ 18,00