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SOL Tropical - After sun cream - moisturises and refreshes - with Monoï and Vanilla extract (200 ml) - soft and velvety skin - exotic fragrance

200 ML

€ 20,00

This cream has an alluring texture and a delicious scent. It provides relief to your skin after you have been out in the sun, by preventing dehydration and helping to make your tan last longer. Its formula is enriched with Vanilla extract, Monoï, and vegetable waxes, which help to treat sun-stressed skin and to keep it soft and silky. Whilst orchestrating an enchanting symphony between the sensual notes of Vanilla and the incredibly sweet aromas of Tiaré flowers, its sublime fragrance takes the senses on a journey of pure pleasure.
- Its formula moisturises the skin whilst turning it into a velvety smooth delight, and helps your tan to last longer.
- Its soft and scented texture takes the skin and the senses on a journey of pure pleasure.
- Selected ingredients: Vanilla extract, Monoï, and Shea butter, which help to keep your skin feeling wonderfully soft and silky.

How to use it: after sun exposure, cleanse and dry your skin, then massage the product into it until it is completely absorbed.

Floral and exotic.

€ 20,00