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Perfume-holder necklace

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€ 10,00

Once upon a time, there were perfumes as precious as jewels. The fashion of perfume-holder jewellery dates back to the Middle Ages. In antiquity there were oval-shaped perforated charms originally containing only amber, and later various precious resins (myrrh and benzoin). The aristocrats wore them hanging on their belt or around their neck to perfume themselves and enjoy the aphrodisiac and therapeutic powers of the perfume. Transmitted from generation to generation, for many centuries they were a refined way to wear perfume. With the advent of the industrial era, they were forgotten in favour of ready-to-wear liquid creations.

Today they are back

Necklace with perfume-holder charm. To give the charm the scent of your favourite fragrance, open the charm and extract the internal element; place it on the small stick included in the package and spray it with the perfume. Put it back in the charm and close.

Material: chain in brass - charm in zamak with bronze finish


€ 10,00