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Argan del Marocco - Face cleansing gel - Gentle and silkifying - With Argan (200 ml) - Normal or dry skin

200 ML

€ 16,00

A handy rinse-off cleanser suitable for dry skin, with a gentle, silkifying gel formula. Enriched with an ingredient derived from Argan, it leaves your face with a sensation of velvety freshness. Achieve soft skin through cleansing, the first stage of your daily beauty ritual.

A handy rinse-off cleanser, with a gentle, silkifying gel formula, suitable for dry skin.

- Natural ingredients selected for their cosmetic properties.
The Argan tree is native to Morocco. Its deep roots allow it to survive for a long time without water.

How to use it: wet your face and rub in a small amount of the product until a light lather forms, then rinse carefully.

A floral, amber fragrance with an Oriental flavour.


€ 16,00