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Ultra Extension ultra lengthening mascara with Carbon Black and Vitamin E (11 ml)

11 ML

€ 18,00

You can finally get ¿ultra-long¿ eyelashes thanks to the outstanding performance of this mascara. The creamy texture of the formula works together with the hourglass-shaped wand to pick up eyelashes more easily, lengthen them and hold them while keeping them light and soft. Carbon Black gives unparalleled richness to the shade of black and makes eyelashes look thicker, more numerous and extremely long... for an alluring gaze!
Get longer, thicker eyelashes thanks to the combination of an enveloping, creamy formula and a cone-shaped wand that picks up eyelashes more easily, then lengthens and thickens them.

How to use it: apply to your eyelashes using the special applicator.



€ 18,00