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SOL Aloe - Face sun cream - soothing and moisturising, smooth matte finish - with Aloe juice - SPF20 medium protection (50 ml) - water resistant - for combination skin

50 ML

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This cream is specifically designed to offer wide-ranging protection for combination or oily skin, combining defence against UV rays with mattifying properties. It contains an astringent plant-based ingredient, and is an essential product to counteract combination skin¿s tendency to go shiny. The fresh Aloe juice moisturises and calms the skin, while the extremely fluid and rapidly absorbed texture provides instant comfort, giving you `perfect¿ skin in the sun with every application!

Aloe: a juice with over 200 active ingredients is extracted from its leaves, which moisturises, calms and restores the skin effectively.
- Tailored tanning for combination skin with a tendency to go shiny.
- Light, non-greasy texture, suitable for those with oily skin.
- Select ingredients: Aloe juice, for freshness and moisturising, and an astringent plant extract.

Protects your skin and brings out your beauty.

Absorbed quickly.
Fights shiny skin.

Avoid contact with eyes.
Avoid contact with fabrics.
Excessive sun exposure can severely damage your health.
Cosmetic sun products with very high protection factors do not guarantee complete protection from UV rays.

How to use it: apply the product generously before going out in the sun. Reapply frequently to ensure you stay protected, especially after sweating, getting wet, or drying yourself off.

Floral, greenery, aquatic and musk aroma.

79% € 4,99 Price reduced from € 24,00 to