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Christmas Cleansing Box

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A gift for a complete cleansing routine: oil cleanser to remove make-up, cleansing and purifying mousse and microfibre cloth! A gift every woman will love!

Estratti di bellezza - Gel oil make-up remover ¿ Camellia and Apricot ¿ removes make-up and cleanses (75 ml) ¿ all skin types

Daily cleansing becomes a rich beauty treatment with this gel oil make-up remover, with a texture ideal for even dry, demanding skin. Contains Apricot kernel oil and Camellia extract. Cleanses gently and removes even waterproof make-up.
Estratti di bellezza - Micellar Bubble Mousse - Camellia and Apricot - bubble-effect face cleanser (100 ml) - all skin types
Your cleansing routine becomes irresistible with this micellar mousse with an amazing bubble-effect. It removes impurities, leaving skin soft, velvety, and super scented.
A soft, gentle cloth that deeply cleanses your skin and easily removes make-up, even using just water, thanks to a gentle micro-scrub action that boosts the glow of your complexion. 100% Polyester. Size: 12 x 16.5

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-60% € 20,00 Price reduced from € 50,00 to
Last 30 days price 20,00€