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NATURALLY - Cuticle treatment oil with natural oils and Flower petals (10 ml)

10 ML

€ 16,00

88% naturally-derived ingredients

A natural choice for perfectly-shaped nails and elegantly manicured hands. Nourishes and softens nails and cuticles, making them easier to manage, and prevents the formation of hangnails. This rich formula includes nourishing and emollient vegetal oils including Sunflower and Rosehip, which exude a sweet floral fragrance. Take a moment for beauty and pampering, for beautiful, well-manicured nails!


A natural choice for nourishing and softening nails and cuticles, for a perfectly-shaped manicure. Includes nourishing and emollient natural oils, including Sunflower and Rosehip, and features a sweet floral fragrance.

How to use it: apply to nails and cuticles, massage gently.



€ 16,00