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Avena e Prebiotico [Protezione+] - Intimate liquid soap - respects skin¿s natural defence - with Oat milk from Tenuta Massaini and Biolin Prebiotic (250 ml) - soothing and protective

250 ML

€ 6,99

Fragrance-free physiological pH formula that combines the soothing action of Oat Milk with the protective action of Biolin, a prebiotic sugar extracted from Chicory root. This ingredient creates a protective barrier against harmful bacteria in all situations where protection is most required and helps prevent dry skin, aiding the well-being of intimate areas.


Delicate and soothing physiological pH formula, thanks to the Oat milk. Uses the barrier effect of Biolin, a prebiotic extracted from Chicory root, to keep bacterial flora balanced and promote intimate wellbeing.

- Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
- Tolerability tested in vitro on a SkinEthic model
- Oat Milk: extracted from the Oats that flourish on Tenuta Massaini, it has moisturizing and soothing properties.
- Biolin: a prebiotic derived from Chicory root that protects vaginal flora, creating a protective barrier.

How to use it: ideal for daily feminine hygiene. Dilute the product with water and rinse thoroughly. EXTERNAL USE.



€ 6,99