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Mar Morto - Disposable slimming and anticellulite* bandages - with 30% Dead Sea salts - smoothing and firming

60 GR

Each pack contains:
- disposable bandages
- disposable underwear
- disposable trousers
- measuring tape

with 30% Dead Sea salts

A professional treatment in the comfort of your home. These disposable elastic bandages soaked in saturated saline solution (30% Dead Sea salts) help combat cellulite* blemishes while giving a sensation of lightness and firmness. This solution made with Dead Sea salts is ideal for a cosmetic skin-firming treatment that helps visibly reduce orange peel skin. You can apply these bandages on legs, thighs, buttocks and belly, according to needs. Important: We recommend preparing your skin with a gentle scrub the day before. After every treatment, your skin will be firm and smooth like never before and your legs will feel lighter.

*combats the orange-peel effect


Disposable elastic bandages soaked in saturated saline solution (30% Dead Sea salts) for firmer legs and belly and combating cellulite* blemishes on thighs and buttocks.

- Dead Sea salts: naturally rich in precious substances for the beauty of your skin.

Each pack contains everything you need for 1 slimming treatment:
- 1 pouch containing 2 disposable bandages
- disposable underwear
- disposable cartene trousers
- a measuring tape to measure results

How to use them: Before you start, get ready to monitor results. Stand in front of the mirror and use the tape measure to take your body measurements: right above the knees, mid-thighs, inner thighs, buttock crease, waist, and under the belly button. Mark the measurement points with a marker to compare them with the measurements after the treatment.Now you¿re ready to begin:- wear the disposable underwear- stand in the shower- wrap the bandages around your critical points- wear the disposable trousers- sit back and relaxThe bandages need to stay on for 45 minutes to one hour. Now, remove the bandages and use a towel to dry excess water. You can take your measurements right away to see the results you achieved.To maximise the treatment¿s effectiveness, you should repeat it at least once a week for 4 weeks and use the other products from the Mar Morto range, depending on your needs.- for lighter legs: if you want to add light legs to the slimming results, wrap the bandages around both legs, from the ankles up to the groin.- for a leaner body contour: if your goal is firmer hips and belly, wrap the bandages from above the knee to the waist.