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Giardino romantico - Eau de toilette (100 ml)

100 ML

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The blue Tuscan skies reflect magical shadows on the placid water, the red flowers in the beds glisten with dew and a fresh, light wind blows. Here and there, delicious, sugary notes emanate from the fruit that is still warm from the sun¿s rays. Roses and Peonies add a touch of elegance by introducing voluptuous, sensual swirls of Vanilla and the rounded creaminess of Caramel... This eau de toilette presents a wonderful harmony of the flourishing scents from gardens in bloom, producing a crescendo of emotions.


Experience a crescendo of emotions with this eau de toilette, which combines the wonderful harmony of the delicious, sugary notes emanating from fruit that is still warm from the sun¿s rays with the elegant scent of Peonies and Roses, like a flourishing garden blooming on your skin.

Keep out of the reach of children.
Avoid contact with eyes and irritated skin.

How to use it: spray it behind the ears and on the wrists.

Top notes: Pear, Mandarin, Pineapple. Middle notes: Raspberry, Rose, Peony. Base notes: Caramel, Vanilla.

60% € 16,80 Price reduced from € 42,00 to